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Urban areas often are characterised by high pollution, social segregation and a heavy urban redensification. The growth of urban areas is increasing worldwide. Therefore the attractivity and structuring of intra-urban and rural areas is crucial for the life quality of the inhabitants. The greening of such areas plays an important role to face the actual and future conditions caused by the climate change and to implement a progressive urban development.

The greening of streets, facades, roofs, inner courtyards, building of playgrounds and sports areas, allotments and parks as well as urban gardening can contribute significantly to the improvement of life quality, efficient health care and environmental precaution.

A green city contributes massively to the preservation of biodiversity, air pollution control, climate protection and environmental education respectively the experiencing of nature.

Our  services

Necessity and potential analysises

Necessity test on urban greening (needs/demand analysis)
Determination of areas capable of greening (potential analysis)
Compilation of conepts and strategies

Concepts for city centres and suburban areas
Strategies for facade and roof greening
Roadside trees and green
Urban gardening
Planting recommendations
Calculation of implementation costs
Support and accompaniment during the implementation phase

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