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A sustainable tourism is not an automatic abdication of convenience when travelling. Such an renunciative tourism might lead to a refusal of sustainable "green tourism" by travellers and the local population.

Rather than this it must be shown which advances in quality such a reform of the means of tourism will bring for the environment, the economy and for the local population.

Sustainable tourism contains diverse aspects and follows a holistic approach. It includes niche offers as well as mass tourism. Additionally the interests of all groups and participants are taken into consideration (stakeholder approach).

Environmental protection: A sustainable tourism protects the environment, preserves biodiversity and conserves natural ressources.


Sustainable mobility: To maintain a green and restful ambience and advance the life quality of the local population a sustainable tourism with a sustainable mobility is of high importance, may it be in form of eletric vehicles, bicycles or even horse drawn carrieges. This can happen with the use of low- or zero-emission vehicles for the supply and the transport to and from the holiday destination.


Sustainable infrastructure: The environmental friendly and sustainable design of a resilient infrastructure contains effective wastewater treatment, the supply of fresh water out of the pipe, the exclusive use of renewable energy and digitalisation (SMART-technology).


Efficient technology: The use of innovative and environmental friendly technologies (e.g. for air conditioning and pool areas) arranges amenities on travel stays.


Social caring: Bringing together and getting to know each other between the local population and the travelers (e.g. supply of sustainable trips and bio-organic gastronomy arranged and provided by the local population). The local population has to be involved in the projects and benefit from them.


Education: Travelers shall have the opportunity to get to know the local flora and fauna, history and society of the destination in a sustainable way. As well they should discover which contribution they themselves bring to protect the local environment and culture.
The local population can also benefit from a sustainable tourism. For that a elucidation/communication at place (e.g. concerning the use of new technologies or the development of a sustainable infrastructure) can be of great use.

Culture: A sustainable tourism preserves as well local traditions and stories as provides, with involvement of the local population, an intense cultural experience.

Our services

We develop individual and customised concepts for you:
For regions, that go for a sustainable tourism
For individual solutions in hotel and restaurant business
For companies, associations and societies that campaign for a sustainable tourism and want to implement it

For this we also consider the "Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria" and the "European Indicators System".

We adivse you comprehensively to the topic of sustainable tourism. At that you benefit from our team and its extensive experience in the field of evironmental planning and protection. For you we examine the ecological, economical, technical and social aspects of your project.

Of course we accompany you in the implementation phase or realise already existent project ideas with you.
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